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Feature Tour

Setting up Honeybadger only takes 5 minutes.

Project Setup

Add your projects with a simple three-and-a-half step process.

  • Give It a Name

    In case you haven't noticed, we like ridiculously simple forms. Project new form 17550b963e0f097083b73f2726f72cebf01f378f3df26e74c3631a80ecb308f0
  • Check Out the Instructions

    We'll show you a page with exact instructions for your app. Project setup d54fadb5115a1959f808bdb7fea0f1d62a16ceb95382fbdf352f50ed2c15ca11
  • Get the Gem

    Add the gem and bundle install. Yawn. Project gemfile 96788b4a118f350410ac5e6cacb650cffe6e054dc1d70cbc6e96c5583a16e7a7 Project bundle install 18000c264b6196360b05bc376c35a34101ddda82a589c56fb18f8fe13a94aedc
  • Add the API Key

    Run the rails generator to create a config file with the API key. Project generator 7d79cfbee0e4ded8bb8899ddab6e70cfa760a882bc4d585d4a2bd114efd83842
  • You're Ready to Rock and Roll

    In the last step we triggered a test error. You'll see it in your account at Project inspector c805b949732b4fdfef7c94476ca55795ec420bdb53ce0196fe5351e38e5ed4cb
  • That's it. Really. Sure there are more advanced options for you to tweak, but for 90% of uses this is all you need.